How to Produce a Lash Extension Supply Store + Vendor List

Selling lash supplies can help lash artists to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By offering a unique selection of lash supplies, such as hard-to-find or exclusive products, lash techs can provide their clients with a truly personalized experience. This can help to set them apart from other lash techs in the area and attract new clients who are looking for something special.

Overall, selling lash supplies can be a profitable and rewarding way for lash techs to expand their business and provide added value to their clients. By offering high-quality products and expert advice, lash techs can establish themselves as trusted authorities in the world of lashes and build a loyal following of satisfied customers.

This 15 page E-book download is a step by step guide on how to scale your lash extension business by producing and selling your own branded lash extension supplies.

You will learn:

-Why a lash extension supply line beneficial to your lash business

-Key components to product and vendor testing

-How to negotiate with your vendor

-Branding & Packaging options

-How to securely send payments to vendors and red flags to be mindful of

Ten Vendors Include:

-Mink Lash Strips (4)

-Lash Trays & Supplies (3)

-Packaging (4)

-Lash Strip Glue (1)

-Lash Tweezers (1)




Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Marrika Adams

This book saved me so much time and money. the vendors respond very fast and the info.. ** Chef's Kiss

Jade Bens
I got my samples FAST!!

I got my samples so fast and im so excited!! OMG! The vendors are legit y'all! There is no FLUFF or nothing I can google myself in the way the book is organized. Thank you so so much for this book!

Tracey Lynn
This Ebook is a game changer!!

This ebook is filled with things I never would have thought to consider when finding the perfect vendor! Her vendors are so good and I love the fact that Marché updates the ebooks with even more information as the industry changes! This definitely helped me a lot!

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